CQ Design Testimonials, design agency manchester CQ Design Testimonials, design agency manchester

" We have worked closely with CQ Design for a number of years, developing our brand and an extensive website. A lot of time was spent with the designers and consultants, helping us to get across exactly what we needed to convey to our target market.

CQ is my first port of call before implanting any new marketing or design changes. Not only do they listen to my needs, they also give their feedback using their many years of expertise. "

Jason Freeman

" Being a small but busy accountancy firm it is hard to find time to sit down and market myself. I went to see the representatives at CQ, and after an initial brainstorm I was able to leave happy and confident that everything was in good hands.

All I had to do was sit back and let them do the work. Every stage of the ID and web design process was explained to me. Until I was completely happy with my design and layouts nothing went ahead.

CQ were extremely professional all the way and I would be happy to, and have, recommended CQ to clients and colleagues. "

Nahid Hussain
Berkley Heath

" The creative team’s first project for us was to design our advertising. This was so successful that we asked them to come up with a ‘Brand’ for us.

Not a concept to which we took easily but as they were so right the last time we decided that they probably knew best!! After several discussions a concept was developed which we were delighted with and which has really worked for us. Only today we have acquired a new client who works in the creative field.

The reason he picked us – we had the best advert and coming from someone ‘in the trade ‘so to speak, this is praise indeed. "

Janet Thomas
Turner and Brown

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